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Thursday, May 31, 2012

More samples from my book PLACES

Some more samples from my book PLACESThe work was all done in Lightwave 3D, and everything you see is built, textured and rendered in Lightwave, unlike many other 3d programs where you have to buy a plug-in to render the image.  Photoshop was only lightly used for some atmospherics.  Please check out the book on Amazon or through Design Studio Press where you can get an autographed copy.


  1. I love these images, especially the last one. I was wondering how you modelled it? Was it through some scripted/parametric process? I'd guess it would be really hard to model without some automatic process

    1. They were all hand modeled, no custom scripting or algorithms, no instancing. Usually I will model between regular polygonal modelling and sub-d, and flick back and forth, sometimes I use the regular model, other times the sub-d. But its all built like a model kit and pieced together. The key is to have as much control over the end result.
      Thanks for your comment :)